Sasha farber dancing with the stars

Sasha Farber’s Dancing
With the Stars Blog:
Who Was the Life of
the Party During Party
Anthem Week?!

Courtesy of Sasha Farber

For the 18th season of Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer and troupe member Sasha Farber will be sharing his thoughts on the evening’s dances. This week, he breaks down the performances during party anthem week! Let’s get this party started!

Party Anthem Week, and what a great way to start with an opening number choreographed by the Emmy Nominated Mandy Moore, featuring LMFAO’S Redfoo, who joined us for the ending of the opening number.

Loved seeing Redfoo with a scoring paddle, he just brought another element to the show tonight! Sad to see Drew Carey and Cheryl leave the competition, Drew was such an underdog, and was improving every week, but someone has to go home.

Tony and NeNe DWTS

Nene Leakes and Tony Dovolani

Danced the Salsa

HOT, HOT, HOT! I saw this in the dress run and loved it straight away. NeNe had Rhythm, she had class and nailed the routine, she even had a moment with Gregg, her husband, at the start of the dance! NeNe is improving every week and that’s what its all about. Would love to see her use her sides a little more.

But over all, heading in the right direction, congratulations to you both!

Score: 33/40

Candace and Mark DWTS

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas

Danced the Cha Cha Cha

Candace looked a little scared at the start of the dance. She has amazing feet and a great ability to use her ankles, but I felt she got off to a slow start. However, when she got half way into her dance, she really started to enjoy herself and that showed in her moves. Once she can overcome her fear and have fun during the show, she is going to be great!

Guys let’s remember this girl has had no dance experience, nice work!

Score: 32/40

James & Peta DWTS

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd

Danced the Quickstep

I had the pleasure of being a part of this number alongside the rest of the troupe. And I must say we had so much fun in this one.

James is such a hard worker and you can tell in his dancing after last night's performance, I definitely think he will be in the next Grease production!

His quickstep had a lot of fast, quick feet and I thought he did a great job with that, the routine was very difficult and he still brought it home.

One thing I will say is they lacked a little body connection. But they did have great timing throughout the dance, and a good frame.

Redfoo said “it reminded him of two crabs in the sand!” LOL, I loved that!

Score: 35/40

Danica and Val DWTS

Danica McKellar and Val Chmerkovskiy

Danced the Cha Cha Cha

Danica is such a sweet girl. She works hard and you can tell she wants to be the best. The Cha Cha Danica and Val danced was slick and fast and everything you need in that dance.

I have really enjoy watching her grow as a dancer. Would like to see Danica use her feet a little bit more, by pushing of the standing foot and that will give her a beautiful leg line.

Not going to lie, I did have a little crush on Danica in The Wonder Years, when I was growing up!

Score: 36/40

Meryl and Maks DWTS

Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy

Danced the Tango

These two have so much passion , each week they tell a new story and it’s awesome to watch. Meryl is such a beautiful dancer, she finishes all her lines off and gives 100% to the character every week.

It’s very hard traveling, doing an ice show, and also learning a new dance each week. The Tango was well connected and very readable.

Congratulations to you both for this dance!

Well deserved Score: 40/40

Drew and Cheryl DWTS

Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke

Danced the Tango

I personally love Drew, he was one of my favorites. He was a true underdog in this competition and I was so sad to see him go. Drew works so hard, and he also has no dance experience, you could tell he was sad because he missed a step.

I really wanted to see him go to the next round. The Tango was good and Drew kept his time, which is hard when you’re the man leading the woman.

Score: 32/40

Charlie and Sharna DWTS

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess

Danced the Cha Cha

Charlie is so much fun to watch, he had great hip action, great timing, and also great body movement, and was 100% in the character of this dance.

Awesome routine by Sharna Burgess loved the section on the stage at the end of the dance.

Score: 36/40

Amy and Derek DWTS

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough

Danced a Jive

Amy is an inspiration and a sweetheart. The jive is all about pumping your knees, and I was a little worried at first, and yes, so what? They missed a little step.

But she made up for it in the rest of the dance. I’m always speechless after Amy finishes her dance.

Well done, keep doing what your doing Amy! Just AMAZING! Great kicks, and great connection between Amy and Derek.

Score: 38/40

Until next week! - Sasha