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For the 18th season of Dancing With the Stars professional dancer and troupe member Sasha Farber will be sharing his thoughts on the evening’s dances. This week, he breaks down the performances during American Icon Night!

What an exciting week on Dancing With The Stars, so many great moments happened last night! Kenny Ortega was judging this week and I thought he was spot on with everything he said! I have always looked up to Kenny Ortega, he is a great choreographer!

We started off with each couple dancing a small introduction with their partner as part of a mini opening number. I thought everyone did a really good job showing off their strengths in that section. The theme for this week was American Icon week, and Derek Hough and Chris Scott choreographed a very challenging Macy’s number during this show, which I was happy to be involved in!

The competition become more difficult this week as each couple had to learn two dances. Some couples unfortunately struggled with that this week.

Charlie and Sharna ended up being eliminated last night, and its a shame, I really thought Charlie was going to take that mirror ball home this season. Charlie and I always joke around the studio, he is such a funny guy, and a great dancer! Charlie if your reading this buddy, it was a pleasure meeting you! Keep on Dancing!

Ok let’s get to it!

James & Peta DWTS

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd

Dance: Cha Cha James was actually sick the night before this show, but nothing can stop this guy!

Dancing to Michael’s Jackson’s new song “love never felt so good” This was a excellent dance and a great concept, anything that has Michael Jackson to it, I love it already!

During the package, we saw that L.A Reid came in to give James a mini pep talk, which must have triggered something in James to be a better performer. James gave it his all in this Cha Cha. He had great action in his hips, and finished everything off throughout his body. A lot of Cha Cha content in this dance, and you can see that he put his heart and soul in it! Score: 40/40

Dance: Rumba

For their second dance, these two had rumba and created magic! James was superb here. He created strong lines throughout his body. Having said this, James needs to work on his hands to make sure they are a beautiful extension of his body. And couples must always be careful, I think I saw a lift for a second during this Rumba, lucky the judges didn’t see that one. Congratulations on making the finals! Very happy for both of you!

Score: 36/40

Meryl and Maks DWTS

Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy

Dance: Viennese Waltz

I just love watching Meryl dance, she was just like a beautiful goddess moving around the floor, this dance had a lot of content and a lot of rotational steps. Great extension in Meryl’s body!

Meryl is a sweetheart and I feel every dance they do they get so close to kissing each other, maybe in the freestyle its finally going to happen! The whole room is always silent every time Meryl dances. That’s because these two know how to capture everyone’s attention in their performance!

Great job and good luck for the finals!

Score: 40/40

Dance: Jive

Elvis was in the building!

In the package Maks looked a little stressed. Maks said that he has the best dancer in the show, and that’s what stresses him out (He doesn’t want to let Meryl down) But Maks is doing a fantastic job so far and this Jive had a lot of technical jive steps. I personally would of liked to see more energy in this dance though. Meryl is such a sexy dancer, anything this girl does looks great. Its important though to lift your knees up in Jive, I think I would have like to have seen that a little more. Over all fantastic dance!

Maks even kissed all the judges after the dance Lol!

Score: 40/40

Charlie and Sharna DWTS

Charlie White and Sharna Burgess

Dance: Foxtrot

This was a great Foxtrot, well choreographed. Charlie executed his movements with no problems, except he dropped his handkerchief during a section of this dance!

This dance started with Charlie dancing a little solo before he connected with Sharna. Charlie has AMAZING frame and a brilliant ear for musicality, especially in this dance. Actually, these two had a standing ovation in the Ballroom last night! Kenny said “Bring out the champagne”, Bruno was equally as thrilled, saying that Charlie “started as Fred Astaire and finished like Baryshnikov”. I agree with him 100%.

Perfect score!

So sad these guys got eliminated

Score: 40/40

Dance : Samba

Loved this samba. Charlie showed a lot of musicality throughout this dance. This was their second dance last night. I thought it was marvelous, excellent bounce in his knees, and good running promenades around the dance floor. Charlie’s timing was perfect. Sharna, Congratulations on a great season, you did fantastic. Loved all your numbers with Charlie, you made DWTS history together! This final dance for you two was clean, sharp and technical. Well done! Would of loved to see you guys in the Final!


Candace and Mark DWTS

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas

Dance: Viennese Waltz

This was a beautiful Viennese Waltz, I could see mark talking to Candace during the dance and I actually found it quite refreshing. I like the relationship these two have, and how he takes care of her. They did have a couple of slip-ups during this Viennese Waltz, which is why Mark was guiding Candace through to the end by talking her through it. The pressure gets to everyone sometimes. Her posture is getting a lot better in the ballroom dances I’ve noticed. Candace and Mark were first to dance, so that’s always hard, but soon after, Tom told them they are safe and that they had made the final! Their faces—priceless!!

I love this girl. A few of us went to ‘Wango Tango’, the KIIS FM event, over the weekend, and every time a song came on that she loved, Candace was on fire! She was dancing around like no one was watching. So happy for her to make the final!

Score: 34/40

Dance: Jazz

Candice looked a little stressed again at the start of this dance, I think the pressure was on to come back strong after missing a few things during her first dance. This jazz really suited her! She clearly rehearsed a lot for it. Straight away she found her groove and by the end of this dance I was so pleased she made it all the way through. Candace looked sexy and fierce in her outfit too! Wow! This time around her performance was crisp, it was tight, and it was together. I think Candace should audition for Chicago after this season! Can’t wait to see her freestyle.

Score: 38/40

Amy and Derek DWTS

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough

Dance: Jazz

Derek took it to another level with his choreography in this routine. So clever. Amy looked HOT! And I thought she made this dance look so easy. Every step had meaning to it, and both Amy and Derek were extremely connected with each other for the entire dance. That’s what makes any dance come to life. There was one section that Amy seemed to rush and therefore wasn’t together with Derek, this is what Carrie-Ann picked up on and why they didn’t receive a perfect score. Close though! Len however gave this routine a standing ovation!

Well-done and good luck for the final!

Score: 39/40

Dance: Quickstep Because quickstep is a traveling dance, Amy wore legs used for running and that made it a lot easier for the quickstep. In their package they showed that Oprah called them and told her that she has been watching both of them dance, and rooting for them this season! She also said “If you win, I’ll take you for dinner”… Can I come?

Watching Amy dance I’m never worried that she will forget a step or two. Amy makes it look really easy. Amy had great timing and placed her head in the right direction to extend her posture and frame. Excellent floor work. Len said “Watching you inspires me to do something, I just don’t know what“. I would of liked to see more body contact during the dance. Over all though, superb dancing out of these two!

Score: 39/40

Thanks again for reading my blog. It’s the finals next week! And all I can say is, it’s going to be HUGE! Make sure you tune in and watch Dancing With The Stars on Monday and Tuesday!

Good luck to the final four couples; Meryl and Maks, Candace and Mark, James and Peta and Amy and Derek. Once again, you are all winners!

See you all next week!