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Sarah Jessica Parker:
Part-Time Stay-At-Home


There’s no question that Sarah Jessica Parker relates to the harried working mom she plays in her new movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It. As she admitted to In Touch at the film’s New York City premiere, “I fall short every day.”

But that doesn’t mean that the 46-year-old actress isn’t an excellent mother to her three children. “I think my curiosity [makes me a great mom], and it’s something that I hope to pass along to my son and my daughters,” she explains. “I approach every day as a fresh start with enormous possibilities, and I muddle through it. You’ve got to have some promise and a little optimism, even if there are things on the list that get chucked!”

Another of SJP’s unique parenting tips? “The 4 Bs,” she says. “Bath, book, bottle, bed. My mom taught me that years and years ago when my son [James Wilkie, 8] was born. However, when asked what else she’s learned about balancing work and children, she says, “One thing is that I now know how much time it takes to get the kids out in the morning… but I still do it at the last minute! So there you go, I’ve learned nothing.”

It’s enough to make one wonder whether the successful star ever thinks of chucking it all — at least until her 2-year-old twins are ready for kindergarten — but she says she’s already sampling the stay-at-home mom lifestyle. “I’m at home for a lot of the year,” she explains. “I’m not always shooting movies. And I want to make sure people know, stay-at-home moms are working harder than a lot of us can comprehend. It’s not easier at home!”

As her husband, Matthew Broderick, tells In Touch, “You just do the best you can.”