Mickey mouse club

Ryan Gosling, Justin
Timberlake, Britney
Spears and Christina
Aguilera All Joined
Mickey Mouse Club 20
Years Ago Today – See
10 Of Their Best
Moments (GIFs)

Courtesy of Disney

Though many many not realize it, today is a very important day in history; on Nov. 15, 1993, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling all made their debut on The Mickey Mouse Club!

While they are now some of the world’s biggest superstars, it’s hard to believe that they were once just young mouseketeers!

To celebrate their debut more a whole decade ago, we put together some of our favorite moments—in GIF form!

  1. When Justin and Britney did a duet with a coordinated dance—and convinced the world they are the best couple ever:


  1. When Ryan Gosling sang and did this hand movement and we realized we might’ve missed out on the greatest boy bander that never happened:


  1. When Justin first realized he shouldn’t go along with Ryan’s plan:


  1. When we met “Air Britney” and realized the world missed out on a potential WNBA super star:


  1. When X-Tina worked her pipes and the world realized she was unbelievably talented:


  1. When Justin “found a boa constricter” AKA created his preliminary plans for ‘Dick in a Box’:


  1. When Britney taught us how to eat crawfish:


  1. When X-Tina and Justin did a sketch in an elevator and Christina was like, “Is it hot in here, or is it Justin!?”:


  1. When JC Chasez pied Ryan in the face and we realized that nothing can block his beauty:


  1.  When Justin introduced the world to Memphis—and the world was introduced to Justin: