Rose mcgowan michael jackson

Dissed and Dismissed!:
Rose McGowan Slams
Instagram Commenters
Who Likened Her to
Michael Jackson — 6
Other Stars Who Have
Been Dissed With

Note to self: Do not mess with Rose McGowan!

The 40-year-old fired back after Instagram commenters left nasty messages likening the former Charmed star to Michael Jackson—and it was not pretty.

One message simply said, “You look like Michael Jackson,” while another wrote, “#michaeljackson no more plastic surgery” on the snap of Rose smiling in sunglasses.

“Coming from, ummm, you,” she said directly addressing the second commenter.

“Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f--k off losers.”

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The disses are especially insulting because Rose had to have considerable reconstructive surgery after a car accident in 2007 left her with serious injuries—including gashes to her face caused by the glasses she was wearing.

Rose isn’t the first star to have his/her looks compared to another celebrity’s—in an insulting way (although she may have had the best response!).

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