Robert pattinson kristen stewart sex

Robert Pattinson Talks
Sex with Kristen


Hold on to your vampire panties, ladies.

Robert Pattinson sat down with The Kyle and Jackie O Show on 2DayFM radio and opened up to the world about what it’s like shooting sex scenes with his on and off-screen love Kristen Stewart for their upcoming Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn-Part 2.

The last installment of the Twilight series will premiere on Nov. 16, and apparently viewers are in for some steamy bedroom action between Kristen and Rob's characters, Bella and Edward, now that they're both bona fide vampires!

"The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous,” Rob said of the upcoming film. “It’s just because you’re shooting something that’s meant to be PG-13, so you're trying to think of inventive ways to make something sexy but also it can't be just a normal sex scene— it's supposed to be the greatest vampire sex you've ever had." 

So how did the couple get clever while attempting to create mind-blowing, yet approrpriate bloodsucker sex?

A lot of it was just close-ups on me and Kristen's faces and it was like 'try and give a face of ecstasy!’” Rob reveals. “Just doing the sexiest face you can – I mean, guy’s faces I don’t think are really designed to do that.”

Don’t worry, Rob. We think your face is sexy no matter what.