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Outback Living: Robert
Pattinson’s Bizarre
Diet While Filming in


Just when we thought Robert Pattinson drinking faux blood on Twilight was bizarre, we learned his diet for his next film was even more unusual.

At a Q&A session at Sydney’s Town Hall on Sunday, David Michod, who directed Rob’s latest film The Rover, opened up about his weird dietary requirements.

“[Robert] survived on white bread and barbecue sauce for weeks,” Michod revealed. And this was all while filming in the Australian outback, a remote area where plains stretch to eternity.

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The 28-year-old actor laughed after the director revealed this and added that he found waking up with “700 flies in the immediate vicinity” was just one of several quirky happenings of shooting the movie in the abandoned town of Hammond.

Before casting for the film began, Michod met with Pattison and had “no idea” who he was meeting since he hadn’t seen any of the Twitlight films.

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“I really liked his physical demeanour and just the way he was…He had a can of coke in front of him and a cup of coffee which he added six sugars to,” David adds.

Watch the trailer to ‘The Rover’, also starring *Guy Pearce*, before it hits theaters June 20!