Chris brown rihanna breakup

Rihanna Struggles on
Stage After Chris
Brown Breakup


Chris Brown and Rihanna have called it quits.

In a new interview this weekend with Australian radio station 2DayFM, Chris admitted he and his on-again off-again girlfriend have decided to split up.

“I’mma do it solo,” Chris, 24, told the DJ, adding that their busy schedules put a wedge between him and Ri. “I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her own thing, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m a grown man, just gotta move forward.”

But while Chris was moving forward, admitting that he wanted to “see as many girls as possible” on his May 5 birthday, Rihanna was struggling in New York.

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The same day Chris announced the pair’s split, Rihanna, 25, took the stage at the Barclay’s Center to perform in Brooklyn for the first time.

While the “Diamonds” crooner was upbeat for almost the entire show, breaking out into laughs and smiles, an eyewitness tells In Touch she was singing a much different tune when she came back out on stage for her encore.

“It wasn't until the very end of the show, when she came out for her encore to sing 'Stay' and 'Diamonds' that her mood changed,” the concertgoer tells In Touch. “She turned very serious during “Stay” and belted from her heart. She seemed sad for the first time all night.”

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It was evident Ri was feeling the pain from her breakup during the emotional song that was clearly inspired by Chris.

“People have differences and people have different wants and needs,” the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer says. “At the end of the day she’s a young girl. I can’t be focused on wifeing somebody that young… and I’m young too.”

Their breakup comes only one week after Chris stopped following Rihanna on Twitter and she started following her once-hookup Drake, 26, on Instagram— a clear hint that there was trouble in paradise.

 It’s safe to say we saw this one coming.