Rich kids of beverly hills morgan stewart dorothy wang

#RichKids of Beverly
Hills Stars Morgan
Stewart and Dorothy
Wang: We Are More Down
to Earth Than You


#RichKids of Beverly Hills stars Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang are proving to not be what you would expect of spoiled socialites from the 90210.

When In Touch caught up with reality TV’s favorite new duo, they dished on all the not-so-glamorous details about their lives that keep them much more down-to-earth than you would think.

Rich Kids

“We obviously do luxurious things, we go on trips, we shop, we go out and we have a lot of fun,” Dorothy explains. “But at the same time our whole lives are not all luxurious. It’s like anyone else!

"Our more luxurious moments are highlighted on TV, but no one in America wants to watch me at Ralph’s picking up a bell pepper.”

So what is a typical day in the life without champagne and diamonds?

Meet The Stars of E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

“I wake up feeling fabulous, and then my day starts. There’s also those like 45 minutes in the morning where you’re like, ‘Today is going to be the best day,’ and then you’re like, ‘Okay I’m just wearing sweat pants I’m just going to the market,’” Morgan tells In Touch.

“Or if you get up too early and you have to be somewhere like the doctor or dentist and you haven’t s--- before, well that’s just a pain in the ass!”

“Unfortunately, it’s not that luxurious and it’s not that fabulous,” Dorothy laments.

Okay, so these girls like to keep it real. And we love them for that!

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