Revealed! Why Carrie Ann Inaba Really Cried Over Andy Dick’s 'Dancing With the Stars' Waltz

Andy Dick's heartfelt waltz left judge Carrie Ann Inaba sobbing after his performance.

Andy Dick's heartfelt waltz left judge Carrie Ann Inaba sobbing after his performance.


Andy Dick’s touching performance on last night’s Dancing With the Stars brought judge Carrie Ann Inaba to tears— but In Touch knows the real reason behind her waterworks. 

“It touched a very emotional chord for Carrie Ann,” Andy’s dancing partner, Sharna Burgess tells In Touch. “She only lost her father recently and hearing about the love of a father and daughter and what a beautiful dance it was, it really touched her in a very personal place.”
Last night’s performances were all dedicated to marriages, births and other key moments that have shaped their lives. Andy chose to dedicate his dance— a heartfelt Viennese waltz— to his daughter.
“I’ve been prepping her all week because I was like, ‘We’re going to devote this to you and the camera’s probably going to come right up your nose,’” the comedian said of his daughter. “She was welled up during the dance when I came up to her, and then afterwards she just said, ‘It was fricking beautiful.’ Those were her words.”
As for Carrie Ann, Andy and Sharna were unaware that their dance would hit so close to home for the usually loud and outspoken judge. 
“We did not want to make her cry like that,” Sharna says. “But at the same time, Andy was able to take her there through dance… and that’s amazing.”
In fact, the duo were completely unaware of the reasoning behind why Carrie Ann became so emotional. “Well when I saw her crying I thought, oh she’s relating because she is a daughter,” Andy admitted. “We did not know that her father passed away. She kept that from everyone.”
After regaining her composure, Carrie Ann told Andy that his waltz was like “the simplest poem,” and that “Your movement vocabulary is small, but what you said with those few words is so beautiful.”
But Carrie Ann wasn’t the only one crying. Thanks to Andy’s moving performance, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 
“It was his best dance,” pro Derek Hough said of the waltz. “His emotions were helping him throughout the dance. Trust me, we were all crying.”
Check out Andy's full Viennese Waltz to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" below: 

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