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Reports: Amanda Bynes
Not Mentally Fit to
Stand Trial

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Don’t expect to see Amanda Bynes in court any time soon.

According to new reports from TMZ, the Easy A star’s lawyer is declaring that 27-year-old actress is “mentally unfit to stand trial” for her case relating to her 2012 DUI arrest.

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Amanda was expected to appear in court today for her West Hollywood arrest in in April 2012, but her lawyer, Rich Hutton, told the judge that her mental state made  it impossible.

TMZ claims he said that Amanda “did not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the legal proceedings.”

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The judge allegedly transferred her case to a mental health court, at which a new judge will be responsible for establishing Amanda’s mental stability.

In July, Amanda was placed under a 5150 mental hold for starting a fire in the driveway of someone’s home in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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On Aug. 9, Amanda’s mom, Lynn Organ, was made a temporary conservator. Lynn had her daughter transferred to UCLA hospital to continue psychiatric evaluation shortly thereafter.

The 27 year old allegedly suffers from schizophrenia.