Claire danes lena dunham

Red Carpet Revelation:
Claire Danes and Lena
Dunham are Besties

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The Emmy red carpet can make for some unlikely best friends. It can also reunite old ones. 

Girls star Lena Dunham was delighted when Homeland’Claire Danes red carpet bombed her interview with Ryan Seacrest, creeping up behind the Showtime beauty and stealing the spotlight from the E! presenter.

“I’m really excited because you’re my really good friend and I never get to see you,” Lena gushed to Claire.

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"Seacrest out, Danes in," Lena exclaimed to the camera. 

"Are we runing your life?" she asked Ryan.  

The easy girl talk between the pair of unexpected girlfriends revealed that the native New Yorkers apparently grew up in the same neightborhood and have been close ever since.


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Lena encouraged Claire to binge watch Scandal during her maternity leave.

Claire Danes was sporting a faux, not an actual, bob.

Maybe these two are the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?