Tamra judge child abuse

Housewives of Orange
County’s Tamra Judge
Breaks Her Silence
Since Ex’s Allegations
That She Neglected Her


In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge speaks out for the first time since her ex-husband Simon Barney revealed shocking allegations that she neglected their three children.

“He knew the papers would be made public,” Tamra tells In Touch about the legal documents Simon filed March 28. “It’s sickening that he would do it this way, just to hurt me,” she explains, adding “every one of his statements” — which include allegations that she refused to bring their son Spencer, 13, to the doctor and that he “found a bug” in their 8-year-old daughter Sophia’s dirty hair — is a “self-serving, manipulative, flat-out lie.”

Though Tamra tells In Touch she knows she “a great mom,” the allegations are leading to her former co-stars and her children to take sides. Her own daughter Sidney, 15, defended her father, Simon, on twitter and chose to live with him instead of Tamra.

Now, Tamra’s former friend and castmate Gretchen Rossi is backing the teen exclusively telling In Touch “I believe in karma. Tamra is so busy destroying people’s lives, she doesn’t have time to take care of her children, in my opinion.”

And though Tamra explains that her rocky relationship with Sidney is improving, she does have the support of her son from her first marriage, Ryan Vieth, and her youngest daughter, Sophia.

“Sophia sees me crying and says, ‘Mommy, don’t worry. Daddy is not taking me away.’”