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Housewives of New
Jersey’s Melissa Gorga
Reveals Co-Star Amber
Marchese’s Bad


There’s drama brewing in Jersey!

When former friends Melissa Gorga and Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Amber Marchese reunite, there are some hard feelings lingering that the girls can’t seem to shake. And Melissa has no problem gossiping about her frenemy to her cast mates!

In an new clip from the next episode of RHONJ, Melissa gabs with the other new Housewives, twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea about how she really feels about her former bestie, Amber – and what she’s been up to behind their backs!

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After Amber accused Melissa of abandoning her when she battled breast cancer prior to joining the show, Miss Gorga can’t help but sigh: “It’s coming off a little bit drama queen-ish to me.”

Melissa, who claimed she never knew about Amber’s cancer continued to dish on her over-the-top behavior, revealing to Nicole and Teresa: “I’m hearing she’s got a lot to say behind everyone’s back.”


Confused, the twins push Melissa for more info.

“I wanna come out and tell you this,” she explains to Nicole and Teresa. “If rumors were going around about me and they were 110 percent untrue, I want to tell you to your face.”

“She was talking about me?” questions Nicole.

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And then Melissa drops the bombshell news on Nicole. “She mentioned you wrecked a family.”

To see Nicole’s reaction to Amber’s shocking claim, check out the exclusive clip below!

TUNE IN! The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday 7/27 at 8pm on Bravo