Prince harry alexander skarsgard

Prince Harry Vs
Alexander Skarsgard:
Two Hunks Racing to
the South Pole


It's a race of the hotties!

Prince Harry and Alexander Skarsgard are battling it out to get to the South Pole. Each of the two men are leading expedition teams, with actor Dominic West heading up a third. The journey begins at the end of November, with the first group probably arriving at the South Pole around December 17. The guys are training by ice climbing, skiing, and hiking.

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And the competition is fierce. Sweden-born True Blood star Alexander has an advantage since he's used to cold weather, but TMZ reports that Englishmen Harry and Dominic are currently upping the ante by getting in shape in Iceland.

The competition is also a campaign to raise awareness for the group Walking with the Wounded, which raises money for wounded veterans around the globe.

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Although the race hasn't started yet, the trash talking has already begun. "I'm very focused and we're not going to lose!" Alexander said, adding that he looked forward to greeting the other teams when they arrived at the finish line.