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As In Touch exclusively reported last night, pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested following a fight with boyfriend Nathan Griffith at their South Carolina home. Now, we can provide additional details about exactly what happened between the 21-year-old MTV star and her man.

Local police tell In Touch that they got two separate calls from concerned neighbors. The first time, they went to the North Myrtle Beach house and found Nathan, an MMA fighter, outside on his phone, having been locked out of the house following an argument with Jenelle. While the cops were outside talking to Nathan, Jenelle opened the door and let their dog run away.

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"Griffith caught the dog and proceeded to tell us that his girlfriend was angry at him.  Evans would not unlock the doors to the residence or speak to law enforcement," a police officer reported, adding, "While on police were at the scene, Evans sent text messages to Griffith, blaming him for calling the police and stating that she was angry with him for involving law enforcement.  Griffith told police that he would take the dog for a walk and let things cool off in hopes that Evans would unlock the door.

The cops left - but the story wasn't over. Later that day, they went back to the same house after neighbors called to complain about yelling. By then, Nathan had been able to get back into the house through a window, and he and Jenelle were still fighting. When the police arrived, she locked herself in the bathroom. When they left, Jenelle then ran out to go to her car.

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"She was yelling profanity in a high-pitched voice," a source explains. The police asked her to keep it down and not swear, to which she replied "go ahead and arrest me." They then arrested her and booked her on charges of breach of peace and domestic disturbance.

Once Jenelle was bailed out of jail, she went on Twitter to try and defuse the situation. Mostly, she blamed her neighbors for calling the police on her.





Jenelle and Nathan reportedly have plans to wed after their child is born. However, Jenelle must first finalize her divorce from Courtland Rogers, to whom she is still legally married. In Touch broke the news that Jenelle was pregnant for the third time (she has a son, Jace, who is being raised by her mother Barbara, and also had one miscarriage) last week.