Jwoww sonogram pregnancy update jenni farly

Oh Baby!: Pregnant
Jenni “JWoww” Farley
Shares a Close-Up
Sonogram — and Gives a
Health Update at 9

In Touch Weekly/Courtesy of JWoww (inset)

Pregnancy has been quite the journey for Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley—but after sharing a high-tech ultrasound image of her little girl’s face, we know it’s all worth it for the mama-to-be—even though the 28-year-old’s first pregnancy hasn’t exactly been a smooth one.

JWoww Sonogram

JWoww Ultrasound

In addition to sharing her daughter’s prenatal pic, the reality star gave a health update and revealed she’s suffering from sciatica, which refers to pain or numbness caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve.

“She’s causing pretty bad sciatica and even though my doctor said it is okay to take Tylenol, I like to avoid it [at] all cost,” Jenni writes on her blog.

“So instead I tried an ice pack with a cloth side and guess what? I’m the only person in June who got severe frost bite!”

JWoww Frostbite

Earlier in her pregnancy, JWoww opened up about having a low-lying placenta, and told In Touch Weekly her doctor asked her and fiancé Roger Mathews to refrain from having sex for 30 days—but she happily obliged.

“Roger asked me how much I paid off my doctor to say that,” she joked to the mag.

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And mom isn’t the only one to have a health scare during pregnancy. In April, she revealed her unborn daughter had “a small cyst on her brain,” although the scary medical matter worked itself out.

Luckily, mom and baby are both doing well—and Jenni says all the hardship has been worth it.

“She’s perfect and because of that, I’ll take all the back pain in the world,” she gushed on her blog.

“I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!”