Pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum Talks Crazy Dreams, Confides in Evan Rachel Wood

Jenna dewan tatum pregnant dreams


Evan Rachel Wood isn’t the only pregnant starlet having abnormal dreams!

Channing Tatum’s expecting wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum is having some interesting night visions of her own recently.

“Ok my fellow preggars ladies.. about these hormonal dreams..Is it normal to fly on a magic carpet while presenting at Golden globes?? Lol.” Jenna tweeted on Jan. 24.

PHOTO: Channing Cradles Jenna's Growing Baby Bump

The Step Up star then re-tweeted a fan’s funny response that said, “you are CLEARLY giving birth to Aladdin, lol :)"

But when another fan suggested Jenna ask Evan Rachel Wood— another expecting actress who recently confessed to having a dream about making out with Kristen Stewart—Evan Rachel responded!

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"Totally normal. I floated away while holding on to balloons and yelled at my dentist's assistant in my dream," the Across the Universe star admitted.

And apparently the dreams only get crazier as the pregnancy goes on! We can’t wait for the two leading ladies to exchange even more silly situations as they await their first-borns!

Have you or anybody you know ever had strange pregnancy dreams?

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