Posh wants men to wear
her baggy jeans


Victoria Beckham may favor skintight jeans for herself, but when it comes to men, she wants to keep things loose - and her new line of jeans for men are designed just for that. "I think guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops - exactly how you see David [Beckham] when he's out in his jeans and T-shirt," says Posh. "Do not pull them up tight and have your bulge showing. Let it hang!" Victoria's dVb denim line for men will hit stores this August and the jeans will retail from $220 to $285. The singer fashionista reiterates, "These are not skinny jeans. They are what I call proper men's jeans. I didn't want anything too tight around the crotch. That really repulses me."