98 degrees nick lachey feud 5ive

Boy(band) Fight!: Pop
Group 5ive Slams Nick
Lachey After He Calls
Them the “Worst Boy
Band of the 90s”


It’s been decades since the Backstreet Boys and ’NSYNC dominated the charts, yet some fans are still fiercely loyal to their favorite group. If this applies to you, don’t feel bad—‘90s boy band feuds are alive and well, as we learned this week!

Nick Lachey, the breakout star of 98 Degrees, went on Watch What Happens Live and dished to Andy Cohen about a clash he had with another ‘90s group — and inadvertently reignited the feud almost two decades later!

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While in the clubhouse, Andy asked the Big Morning Buzz host who the “lamest” boy band was and specifically called out British group 5ive, who Nick revealed they had a “big-time beef” with!

“We were on the Smash Hits tour in the U.K. with a bunch of pop groups at the time and 5ive, for whatever reason, just had it out for us,” he said. “So we used to battle every night.”

Sooo, we’re kind of unclear as to how this whole “battle” thing worked out. Would they freestyle ridiculously catchy love songs? Make a breakdance circle and bust out their best-choreographed dances?

In any case, we know what a battle looks like now—throwing major shade through the media!

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![5ive](http://images.intouchweekly.com/uploads/images/file/1692/5ive.jpg?fit=crop&h=473&w=640 "5ive")

Abz Love, one fifth of the British group, caught up with TMZ and slammed Nick, telling the gossip site, “98 Degrees sucked ass and probably still do.”

He held nothing back and didn’t deny they had a spat with Nick and his crew, specifically citing an incident where they were making fun of Jeff Timmons.

“[We] were talking about who the f--k gets their band name tattooed on themselves and concluded they must all be jockstraps,” he said.

“To be fair, we were the fair, we were the bad boys of pop so we were always looking for trouble. They just happened to be in the way.”

Well, it looks like Nick is getting ready to claim the title of “bad boy of pop” from right under them!

On his morning show, Big Morning Buzz, the 40-year-old said he feels “badly” about it and wanted to use his show as a platform to set the record straight.

“Abz, I’m sorry. All of the other members of 5ive I’m sorry. I may have spoken out of turn,” he admitted.

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While the apology initially sounded sincere, the tone quickly changed.

“When asked who the worst band of the ‘90s was I said 5ive and that’s absolutely not true,” Nick said. “5ive is actually the worst boy band of all time.”

Shots. Fired.

Whose side are you taking in this so-called feud?