Peta murgatroyd dancing with the stars

Peta Murgatroyd's
'Dancing With the
Stars' Diary, Week 4:
Practicing Sean Lowe's
Wedding Dance


For the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars, pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd is sharing the inside scoop with In Touch readers— everything from behind-the-scenes show info to her dancing partner, former Bachelor, Sean Lowe. In Week 3, Peta talks about Sean’s difficulties in practice and disciplining the man she claims she knows "inside and out." Check back every week for more scoop from Peta!

I was so excited about this week because we danced the Viennese Waltz. It was such an emotional and beautiful dance and I actually believe this might have been Sean’s breakthrough dance!

Because of his size and stature, Sean looks so good doing the ballroom style dances and he is really good at feeling the emotional side of it. We actually incorporated Catherine this week, which was mostly a surprise to her. It made it so fun!

We managed a full week of rehearsals, even though Sean had a very busy schedule and he picked up the dance so quickly.

Despite being really busy, he still manages to keep his energy levels up. He always takes Hydroxycut, which helps him a lot. But even after a busy weekend with the Warrior Dash, he came into practice that day and knew I wouldn’t take anything other than 100% from him.

He came in with his shoes on and his head on straight and got to work straight away. We didn’t miss any practice.

What’s great is that a Viennese Waltz is the perfect wedding dance. Sean has progressed so well with his technique that it would be amazing for them to dance this at their wedding. He has told me he would love to do either the regular waltz or the Viennese waltz as their first dance.

Peta's DWTS Diary, Week 3: "I'm Being Hard on Sean"

I have actually already invited myself to their wedding! I told him that in the first week of rehearsals. Because I was training him for his first dance, I would be there whether they invited me or not, but Sean said that of course I would be invited.

Sean and I have developed a really good friendship over the past few weeks and he is definitely going to be in my life forever. I hope that they stay in LA for a little bit so that we can all hang out together once the show is over.

This week I was hoping that we'd score higher than sevens. I was pushing for eights. I hope the judges were able to really see all of the work we have put in and the improvement that has happened this week, because I really think he has jumped to a whole new level. 

This week, like every week, I did what I always do and told Sean to be in the moment.

As we are preparing to go on, I always say, “It’s just you and me out there babe.” And it sort of gets him into the zone. It gets him looking into my eyes and making sure that we have a connection before we step onto that dance floor. It is really important you can connect with your partner while waiting in the wings to go on just because if you don’t I feel like there is a disconnect and you might be on a different page and you might be thinking different things so I always say too don’t worry about it, just have fun – I always say just have fun; live it, breathe it – you know this is the last time you are ever going to get to do this dance. You only get to do each dance once. So be in it and love it.

I definitely think he is the same person that he was when he did the Bachelor. I didn’t meet him while he was on the show but I saw a couple of episodes, and to me his is the same person. He is the same kind, warm-hearted, loving individual.

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