Pearl osbourne santa claus photo

Pearl Osbourne Meets
Santa Claus (PHOTO)


Ho, Ho, Ho-my gosh this is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

While lots of little kids run fearfully away the first time they come face-to-face with Santa Claus, a precious new photo proves that wasn’t the case for Jack and Lisa (Stelly) Osbourne’s daughter Pearl Osbourne.

“Pearl met Santa for the first time,” Lisa confesses in her blog, “She wasn’t totally stoked on him but she managed to squeeze out a smirk for the camera….What a doll!”

PHOTO: Jack and Baby Pearl Take a Hike

And a doll, she is! The nearly 8-month-old tot is a sight for sore eyes as she sits on Santa Claus’ lap and lets out a cheeky grin for the cameras.

For her big meet-and-greet with the North Pole's head honcho, little Pearl wore a darling beret-inspired grey cap, red tights and matching polka dotted skirt, a white long-sleeved shirt with a reindeer on it and red plaid sneakers. Adorable!

Pearl even cooperated for a family photo when Jack and Lisa decided to join their dauther for a picture with St. Nick.

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“Where are dads supposed to stand in the family Santa picture?!” Jack wrote, along with the family photo of him sitting awkwardly on Santa’s knee, while Lisa and Pearl occupied the other. “It’s time someone addressed this problem.”

And with his only child getting cuter and cuter as the days go on, the real problem for Jack might soon become how to keep the little boys away from his precious Pearl!