Paula deen apology video

Paula Deen Issues Odd
Video Apology For
Using Racial Slurs—
See It Here!


After publicly revealing in a lawsuit deposition that she’s used racial slurs (like the N-word) in the past, Paula Deen has found herself in some very hot water.

Now, after canceling a guest spot last-minute from the Today show this morning, the famous chef has issued a video apology for her behavior.

Immediately after the clip was posted to YouTube, it was pulled from public viewing and labeled “private” — but not before several media outlets grabbed the video (like the one below).

"I wanna apologize to everybody, uh, for the wrong that I've done," the Food Network star says. "Uh, I want to learn and grow from this inappropriate hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."

Check out her strange apology below:

Do you think she’s being genuine or putting on an act?