Paul walker meadow facebook

Paul Walker’s
Daughter, Meadow,
Joins Social Media –
Debuts Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram


Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, has chosen to stay out of the spotlight since the tragic death of her father.

But on Sunday, the actor’s team suggested the 15-year-old teen make three social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — in order to “combat the imposter profiles that are continually created.”

She hasn’t posted just yet, but she did upload a new cover photo of her Facebook account. And that photo is a touching black-and-white shot of her and her dad exchanging glances at one another.

Paul Walker’s Brothers to Imitate His Voice For Fast & Furious 7

The daddy-daughter duo are seated and both wearing jackets as the Fast & Furious star has his arm behind the young girl.

Paul’s official fan page made the announcement Sunday.

“Any other profiles you may find on social networks are not associated with Meadow or Paul. — Team PW,” it states.

The move comes days after Paul’s mother, Cheryl, dropped her bid to gain custody of the teen after her mother, Paul’s ex Rebecca Soteros, reportedly “agreed to go to rehab” for alcoholism.

Meadow is set to inherit her dad's multimillion-dollar estate when she's 18.

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Production on Fast & Furious 7 has resumed since Paul lost his life in a car accident with his friend Roger Rodas on Nov. 30.

His brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, have signed on to shoot the unfinished scenes featuring Paul’s beloved character, Brian O’Connor.

The flick, also starring Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson, will be released April 2015.