Paul walker car collection

REPORT: Paul Walker’s
Car Collection To Be
Sold – Without Using
His Name


It was an unbelievably cruel twist of fate that Paul Walker—who was not only the star of the Fast & Furious franchise, but also a passionate and professional automobile collector—was killed in a car crash.

“For me, cars are a hobby that’s turned in to a real business,” he said last year, while filming Furious 6. “It’ll always be a big part of who I am, that’s for sure.”

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Now, five months after his tragic death, his car collection is up for sale, TMZ reports. And even though his cars were a crucial part of his identity, they will be put on the market without any mention of the late star.

Paul’s exotic car shop, Always Evolving, will be working with his estate to organize a sale, but sources tell TMZ the actor would not want his name—and the “infamy” of his death—to be used to inflate the prices.

Paul Walker Vin Diesel

Paul Walker Vin Diesel

Even without associating the cars with the star, anyone who is lucky enough to get behind the wheel of one of his beloved automobiles—which he called “functional pieces of art”—will surely be able to appreciate the dedication and meticulous care he put into his passion.

It would appear the satisfaction he got from caring for his vehicles was equally rewarding.

“I tinker with cars a lot – it’s cathartic,” he told last year. “If you’ve got a lot on your mind, you can go in and get underneath a car doing even something as simple as just swapping out tires.

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“You got all the equipment in there, putting it on a rack, getting underneath it. I like doing that. It’s fun.”

Unfortunately, fans likely won’t be able to experience that feeling from one of Paul’s cars.

According to the report, the 30 or so vehicles—which is said to include BMWs, Audis and “a lot of Mustangs”—will be sold privately through high-end brokers.

Check out Paul’s collection in the video below: