Parishilton0608 2

Paris is heading back
to jail to finish
45-day sentence


Paris Hilton thought her nightmare was over, but her bad dream continues — she is on her way back to jail. The heiress dissolved into tears, crying out "Mom, Mom, this isn't right," as her mother, Kathy, also shed tears when Judge Michael Sauer made his decision for Paris to finish her 45-day sentence in jail, a few minutes after noon, LA time today.

Kathy begged bailiffs to allow her to give her daughter a last hug before the sentence starts, but her request was refused. As she was led away, Paris' screams could be heard throughout the courtroom.

The decision to send Paris, 26, back to the facility in Lynwood, Calif., caps a dramatic 36 hours, which began when she was released from the jail under cover of darkness yesterday morning.

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and city attorney Rocky Delgadillo have been involved in a public sparring match, with Delgadillo charging that Baca was in contempt of court for allowing her out under house arrest.

Judge Sauer had ordered that Paris be brought back into court this morning for the hearing, and she was handcuffed at her home above the Sunset Strip and taken to the court wearing a baggy gray sweatshirt.