Paris hilton nelson mandela death hoax

Paris Hilton Slams
Alleged Pranksters Who
Said She Confused
Nelson Mandela With
Martin Luther King

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That's so not hot.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton became the victim of a death-related celebrity hoax -- but unlike one we've ever seen!

While no one claimed that the socialite herself was deceased, she’s saying that she was still the victim of clever pranksters, who supposedly created a fake tweet on Photoshop, in which Paris confused the recently deceased Nelson Mandela with the late Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The fake tweet read, "RIP Nelson Mandela. Your "I Have a Dream" speech was so inspiring. An amazing man."

Paris was quick to say that the tweet was fake—and attacked not only those who made the tweet, but also those who believed it!

"Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks the respect to the loss the world is mourning right now," she tweeted. "Same goes to all blogs who ran with it."

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Afterwards, Paris seized the opportunity to pay respect to the Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

"Just landed & heard the sad new about Nelson Mandela. He was a true hero & the world is a better place because of him. May he rest in peace," she tweeted.