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Pal reveals Heath's


According to a friend of Heath Ledger, the late actor had a serious problem with drugs — so much so that the mother of his child, Michelle Williams, finally had to kick him out of their Brooklyn home. "She couldn't take it anymore. Heath wouldn't show up for two to three days and all of a sudden he would show up on her doorstep, an absolute wreck," a former friend of the actor tells the New York Post. "He was partying, doing drugs. She gave him an ultimatum... and threatened to get custody of [their daughter, Matilda]. He wanted to make it work, but it was this scene he was wrapped up in. Was he an addict? Yeah." Heath's problems apparently mounted as his fame grew. "He was really into heroin. He wasn't sleeping or communicating with anyone," continues the insider. "He was a nice guy. I first met him in 2002... Once you go down that road, then it gets really scary. Because all of a sudden you shoot up, you take heroin, then you do a line of cocaine and then you take sleeping pills. Look at River Phoenix, he died exactly the same way."