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Christopher leavitt

'Million Dollar Listing Miami’ Star Christopher Leavitt Explains Why Millionaires Love Miami

Miami is known as the American Riviera. Surrounded by the sea, the city is filled with mansions, millionaires and mega yachts. This playground for...
Jwoww kim kardashian blonde

Check it Out: JWoww is Taking Mommy Cues From Kim Kardashian — and We Have the Proof!

Just weeks after she welcomed her first child—a girl named Meilani—it’s obvious Jenni “JWoww” Farley has had no problem settling into her new role...
Tallulah willis rehab

Tallulah Willis Reportedly Went to Rehab For Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse

Tallulah Willis secretly entered rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse last month, a new report claims. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 20-year-old...
Kanye west jail phonecall

Wait, What?: Kanye West Allegedly Used His One Phone Call From Jail to Order Chinese Takeout

Kanye West has once again proven he has zero f--ks to give—and this time, he did it without comparing himself to any infamous dictators or likening...
Ramona singer mario mistress

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Ramona Singer’s Husband Caught With the Mistress — Again!

Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, swore he and his mistress, Kasey Dexter, were over when the RHONYC star decided to take him back in March — but a...

Knight Fight!: This is the Only Thing You Need to Know About Craig Ferguson's (Maybe) Replacement James Corden

The internet is abuzz with news that Craig Ferguson's replacement on The Late Late Show is (probably) British actor James Corden. James who? We...
Brittany murphy death

RIP: Brittany Murphy’s Death Could’ve Been Avoided, Had Her Mother Called An Ambulance 24 Hours Earlier, Pathologist Claims

The death of Brittany Murphy at age 32 was without a doubt an unthinkable tragedy—one that could’ve been avoided, according to a recent...
Rihanna underwear

Happy National Underwear Day!: Rihanna Steps Out in a Bra and Boxers-- Plus 8 Other Celebs Wearing Underwear as Outerwear!

To celebrate National Underwear Day (yes, this is a real thing), we've rounded up nine pics of celebs showing off their undergarments in...
Ryan seacrest girlfriend

Cradle Robber!: Ashley Olsen Steps Out With Much Older Boyfriend — Plus 11 Stars Who Are Dating Women Young Enough to Be Their Daughters!

What’s Hollywood’s must-have accessory for older men? Much younger arm candy! These 11 guys prove it to be true…
Mariah carey dog hotel

It’s a Dog-Eat-Steak World: Mariah Carey Spends Nearly $200,000 to Send Her Dogs On a Luxury Vacation — Plus 9 More Celebs Who Love to Pamper Their Pets!

For once, we’re wishing we’re the ones in the doghouse! As long as it’s Mariah Carey’s doghouse! And no—we’re not talking about where Nick Cannon...
Olivia wilde breastfeeding

Hot Mama!: Olivia Wilde Bares All in Breastfeeding Pic With Baby Otis — Plus 13 More Stars Who Proudly Nurse!

It’s hard to believe Olivia Wilde when she says she doesn’t look absolutely fabulous, regardless of the activity—nursing included. “I certainly...
Kim kardashian myspace

Our Top 8: These Celebrity MySpaces Are Amazingly Cringe-worthy — Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and More!

Much like your high school boyfriend—or that cavity you’ve been neglecting—MySpace is one of those things that is really, really easy to forget...
Khloe kardashian drunk kim kanye west wedding

LOL: Khloé Kardashian Almost Ruined Kim’s Wedding Day — By Getting Too Drunk!

The best part of a destination wedding is that it’s pretty much an endless vacation/party. And the worst part of a destination wedding is that it’s...
Michael johns dead 911 tapes

WARNING! Sensitive Materials: Michael Johns’ Friend’s Frantic 911 Audio Released, Plus More Details on His Death Revealed

It’s been days since Michael Johns—a former American Idol finalist—passed away at age 35, and while the cause of his death remains unknown, new...
Real life notebook

The Real-Life ‘Notebook’: This Couple Was Married For 62 Years — And Died on the Same Day

We finally found a love story that can rival The Notebook. It’s just as romantic—and it’s true to boot! Don and Maxine Simpson were married for 62...
Mariah carey dog hotel

9 Celebrity Whose Pets Have More Glamorous Lives Than You!

A cat has nine lives—and these cats (and dogs…) are living each and every one to the fullest!
Miley cyrus skydive

Miley Cyrus Reminisces About Skydiving — Plus 13 Other Celebrity Daredevils!

Hollywood: Where you don’t have to do your own stunts to get an adrenaline rush.
Rob kardashian

Momager Tells All!: Kris Jenner Reveals Son Rob Kardashian Has Gained 75 Pounds in One Year, Calls it "Devastating"

We've watched the Kardashian-Jenner klan live it up on vacation in Thailand over the last three Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes. But...
Kim kardashian adoption thailand

Another Kid Already?: Kim Kardashian “Would, Like, Totally Adopt" an Orphan She Met in Thailand

As any impulse buyer knows, it’s hard to walk away once you’ve fallen in love with something—even if it’s an unnecessary purchase. But luckily for...
Paris hilton kim kardsahian frenemies

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Reunite — Plus 4 More Famous Hollywood Frenemies

What exactly is a frenemy? It’s someone you don’t get along with but you pretend to be friends with for the sake of saving face. So it should...