Here comes honey boo boo halloween

Our Top Seven Moments
From The 'Here Comes
Honey Boo Boo'
Halloween Special

TLC/Chris Fraticelli

Still laughing from last night’s ‘Here Comes Honey Boo BooHalloween special? So are we.

In case you missed it, In Touch has come up with a list of Top 7 moments from the redneck clan’s belated fright fest. Check them out:

1.    Pumpkin Snacks on a Booger
“Halloween is all about treats…treating myself to candy,” Alana says about Halloween. But her sister Pumpkin’s sweet treat was her own booger. After picking her nose on camera, the 12-year-old then ate it… and we’re still gagging.

2.    Uncle Poodle’s Pumpkin Dilemma
After Uncle Poodle gets in the Halloween spirit by sticking a pumpkin on his head, the pumpkin gets stuck and he’s trapped inside. To break it open, Poodle had to slam his head against the porch.

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3.    Sugar Bear’s Mean Prank

When the family goes Halloween costume shopping, Sugar Bear dresses up as a frog which freaks out Chubbs, who HATES frogs. Her reaction is priceless.

4.    Mama June’s Makeover
Deciding to dye her hair blonde for Halloween, Mama June lets her daughters do the honors. “Seeing June as a blonde would definitely make my loins perk up,” Sugar Bear says. But once she unveiled her new ‘do, Chubbs was disappointed in the result. “Mama’s hair looks a hot mess. Point blank period, a hot mess.”

5.    Marilyn Monroe Reincarnated
Sugar Bear orders June a Marilyn Monroe costume for Halloween, but she only puts it on briefly…at least in front of the cameras. When June stepped out with a spray tan and makeup on in the Some Like It Hot garb, Sugar Bear said it turned him into a “Horny Bear.” June said it was too revealing and opted for a mummy costume, instead. Bring on the toilet paper.

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6.    Fear the Mayonnaise
We learned that Mama June is terrified of mayo after a babysitter fed nothing but mayonnaise sandwiches to her as a kid. To help conquer her fears, June’s daughters force her to come face-to-face with a big bowl of it. “Marannaise is not meat,” one of June’s daughters said to her, but it didn’t matter. They poured three tubs of mayo into a bowl and mama June freaked out.

7.    “Watering” the Corn
After the family heads to the Kackleberry Farms Corn Maze, Mama gets lost and decides to pee in the corn. And since no one in the family brought toilet paper, June had to “drip dry.”