Joan rivers orlando bloom

Orlando Bloom Thanks
Joan Rivers For the
Warm Welcome to New
York City!


Talk about pouncin’ like a cougar!

When funny lady Joan Rivers, 80, caught wind that newly-single Orlando Bloom, 36, was moving into her neighborhood in New York City’s Upper East Side, she acted as an informal welcoming committee!

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She put on a Fashion Police-approved ensemble before heading out to the streets with a chocolate cake and a sign that read, “Welcome Orlando to the hood!”

And it looks like he appreciated the warm welcome!

Romeo and Juliet, the classic play that Orlando is currently starring in, posted a picture on Facebook of the single stud showing his gratitude—with a sign and slice of cake, of course.

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The sign read: “Thanks for the warm welcome Joan, darling. Come see me on Broadway!”

Can’t blame Joan for seizing the opportunity while she could; I think we can all agree we want a slice of that!

Hey—we mean to the cake; get your mind out of the gutter!