Rebel wilson mtv movie awards nip slip

OMG! Watch Rebel
Wilson’s Nip Slip at
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Tara Reid and Janet Jackson ain’t got nothin’ on Rebel Wilson!

The 27-year-old comedienne had the crowd laughing throughout her hosting gig at last night’s MTV Movie Awards — but it was her rather peculiar nip slip that had everyone talking.

During a rare heartfelt moment, Rebel bared her soul and then some.

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“I know you’ve been loving the show, I know there’s been a lot of jokes tonight.  Many of them brilliant, cause I wrote them,” the hilarious host humbly quipped. “But okay, I thought I’d take it down for one moment and just talk about something very serious. A very serious issue.”

She continues, “And that’s of body image shame.” And she had no shame when the material over her left breast suddenly fell, revealing not one, but two fake nipples.

“I just wanna say to everyone out there that thinking negatively about your body is nothing positive. I myself was born with a slight deformity,” she revealed, referring to her exposed chest. “I don’t really want to go into details about what that is, but I’ve learned to love myself.”

All jokes aside, Rebel’s message was a great one for the MTV audience.

“I want to say to everyone out there, no matter what size or shape you are, just love yourself!”

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Throughout the hilarious bit, the Aussie actress played coy about her wardrobe malfunction, but we couldn’t look away – and neither could the audience.

“I don’t know why some of you are laughing though,” she said. “Cause this is a really serious bit.”

Not only did the Bridesmaids star host, but she also took home the Golden Popcorn for Breakthrough performance. Later in the show, she shared the award for Best Musical Moment will her fellow Pitch Perfect cast mates.

Had there been an award for Best Nipple(s), we think Rebel would have been a shoe-in.

Watch the LOL moment below: