Chloe lattanzi olivia newton john drug relapse rehab

“I Went Out Last Night
and Pissed My Sobriety
Away”: Olivia
Daughter, Chloe
Lattanzi, Reveals
She’s Off the Wagon
Months After
Completing a Rehab


Getting sober has been a long, uphill battle for Chloe Lattanzi, the daughter of Grease actress Olivia Newton-John. And now, it begins again.

Months after she was released from the in-patient facility—where she was treated for drug and alcohol abuse—the 28-year-old reveals she’s relapsed in a heartfelt and emotional post on Instagram, the Daily Mail reports.

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“If you’re sober stay sober. I went out last night and pissed my sobriety away,” she candidly writes.

“For anyone out there struggling with addiction. I feel you. Keep your sobriety. You never regret not drinking.”

Chloe and Olivia

Chloe and Olivia

Chloe spent years not only dealing with issues related to her depression and anxiety, but also fighting an eating disorder. In her early 20s, she began using drugs—and the situation quickly escalated, as she found herself spending $100 on cocaine and drinking half a bottle of vodka daily.

Finally, she entered rehab in September 2012 after suffering a mental breakdown from mixing alcohol and prescription drugs.

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Since getting clean, she’s been outspoken about staying that way and the dangers of fame—even if experienced indirectly—and offered her sympathy to other troubled starlets.

“Fame totally messes you up,” she explained last November.

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“I feel empathy for other girls like Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie — who have had to publicly battle their addictions with drugs and alcohol in the spotlight. But thankfully, like them, I’m finally addressing my issues and getting help.”

Hopefully Chloe will be back on the road to recovery soon.