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Nude Photos of Demi
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Here we go again! Nude pics of Demi Lovato leaked online—and this time it’s clearly her and not some random girl.

On Saturday, the pictures leaked online showing the 21-year-old singer with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Apparently, the scandal occurred when someone was trying to send the photos to multiple media outlets to receive a major paycheck, but of course, that never happened.

Demi Lovato Nude 3

In one photo, Demi leans close into Wilmer, closing her eyes and embracing the moment. The 34-year-old actor, on the other hand, is wide awake and stares straight into the camera.

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In another pic, Wilmer is on top of Demi and while in a tight embrace, the Neon Lights singer playfully pulls Wilmer’s lower lip.

Demi Lovato Nude 2

These photos must have been taken a while ago since Demi now has pink hair and has changed it a few times over the past year (who could forget that bright blue!).

Since the couple have been together since 2010, these photos could have been taken any time between then and last year.

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Other photos leaked did not appear to look like Demi even though they were supposedly still her. One showed a naked girl with her booty raised and another showed a topless girl with Demi’s side tattoos.

Demi Lovato Nude 1

Back in August of last year, naked pics of Demi leaked after Radar Online allegedly turned down the offer to buy the racy photos.

The images showed a dark-haired woman posing nude in a bath tub, lying topless in bed and leaning in to kiss another woman. However, those images were never officially confirmed to be of Demi.

Demi Lovato Nude 4

Could this really be Demi Lovato?!

For more pics, head to, the outlet that broke the story.