Snooki pregnant second child

Nicole ‘Snooki’
Polizzi Addresses
Online Bullies after
Receiving Hateful
Comments About Second


After confirming her second pregnancy, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi addressed those who made negative comments about her “reproducing” again.

“I’ve read a lot of negativity concerning my second pregnancy, and I NEVER comment on what strangers think about my life, but when it concerns my family, something needs to be said,” Snooki says. “I’m a momma bear and I will stick up for my family until the day I die, and even after that.”

Snooki's Pregnant! 'Jersey Shore' Star Is Expecting Her Second Child With Fiancé Jionni LaValle

On Friday, it was announced that the 26-year-old star and fiancé Jionni LaValle are expecting baby No.2., which will give Lorenzo a playmate this fall.

“With announcing this pregnancy, I’m STILL getting hate for 'reproducing' and being a mother. For example, I saw an article that…labeling the title ‘Snooki Expecting Second Child. God Help Us.’ Really Complex?

With all the trouble in this world you’re asking God to help us because I’m expanding my family and happen to be an amazing mother to my children?” Snooki writes on her blog. “Keep the 2012 jokes to yourself.”

Snooki with Lorenzo

Snooki captured this Instagram pic with her 19-month-old son Lorenzo.

Despite the negative commentary from the online world, Snooki is continuing her daily workout routine. On Saturday morning, she took a Bunz and Gunz gym class—and later joked about it.

“BREAKING NEWS: You can still workout while pregnant,” she tweeted.

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She also “safely” recharged her red hair at her go-to salon, Vidov Salon in NYC, in which she noted: “Stay tuned for my blog on how us pregnant ladies can dye our hair without harming ourselves or our babies!”

As long as Snooki is taking the right precautions, she shouldn’t have as much hate going forward—or at least we hope so.