Nicole Richie to fight


Nicole Richie is planning to fight her DUI charge by challenging the urine test police took, it became clear in court today.

Although the pregnant starlet was not in court in Glendale, Calif., this morning, her lawyer presented a declaration stating why she is fighting the charge.

Shawn Chapman Holley said a doctor, who is currently out of the country, will challenge “the reliability, or lack thereof, of the urine analysis” taken after Nicole’s December 11 arrest.

The Glendale Superior Court Commissioner granted a continuance, pushing her next court date until August 16, giving the star of The Simple Life five more weeks of guaranteed freedom. But Commissioner Steven Lubell made it clear that Nicole will have to appear in court on that date.

Nicole was arrested shortly before 5 a.m. after driving the wrong way down the Ventura (134) Freeway in Burbank. At the time she admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked marijuana prior to driving.