Nicki minaj pink friday dress

Nicki Minaj Wears
Kooky Dress to 'Pink
Friday' Fragrance


What the @$#%?

Nicki Minaj has never been one for mainstream fashions, but the star recently stepped out at her “Pink Friday” fragrance launch party in Australia wearing a dress that turned more heads than usual.

The “Super Bass” singer donned a puffy dress made up of several layers of mismatched quilted fabric with a bib-like collar, pairing the ensemble with sky-high platform booties.

The floor-length number is being talked about all over the internet, with fans likening the dress to a cupcake, 'Nutcracker' ballet garb, giant pastry and something a life-sized doll would wear.

While this isn’t too out of the norm for the rapper, who regularly sports unusual ensembles (even though her fashions have been a bit more tame recently), this would still be a stretch for most to pull off.

“I like it if you can either love it or hate it,” Nicki admitted of her style preferences in a recent interview. “I don’t like it if it’s in between. I want it to be something so weird that you’re like ‘Whattttttt?!’ I think great fashion sense is like that— it should always be kind of kooky or weird and something about it makes you feel like ‘I am not a normal human being.’”

Congrats, Nicki! That was exactly our reaction.