Getting Wiggy With
It!: Nicki Minaj’s
Stylist Is Suing For
$30 Million Due to
Spat Over Wigs

Is Nicki Minaj’s former hair stylist, Terrence Davidson totally wiggin’ out?

The “wig guru” is claiming that the former American Idol judge ripped him off—and he’s looking to get even… to the tune of $30 million!

Terrence filed suit against Nicki, claiming that she kept him from making money by not only breaking a contract, but also by knocking off his original work.

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According to the stylist, he created custom wig designs for Nicki. As the lawsuit puts it, his “fresh, hip and unique wigs significantly contributed to [her] unsurpassed notoriety of her wigs.”

Once she became famous for her wigs, he says the “Superbass” singer went on to sell and license the designs, but neglected to credit or compensate Terrence for his original creations.

And his claims don’t end there!

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Mr. Davidson is also claiming he missed out on the opportunity to star in a reality TV program; apparently, someone on Nicki’s team urged him not to take part in the show, and led him to believe there was another show, starring him and Nicki, in the works.

Yikes! Sounds like a hairy situation!

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