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Newlyweds Courtney and
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Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez have officially tied the knot, and the newlyweds recently answered some of In Touch’s burning questions about the wedding!


Did anything freak you out or go wrong at the wedding?

Mario: We did have our moments. There were flowers missing, tables missing, guests missing.

Courtney: Yes, we couldn't find one guest. And people were arriving and some of the furniture wasn’t put up, but it ended up being beautiful.

What was the best wedding gift you received?

Mario: To be honest, we didn't have a wedding registry and didn't ask for any gifts, we asked for people to donate to a charity. That was important to us and we just asked for charitable donations.

Courtney: The charity is called Jamisonsarmy.Org.

What was your favorite part of the event?

Mario: Aside from when they said, ‘I now present you man and wife,’ [Courtney] sang for me and surprised me. She sang with Andy Grammer, which was really cool. That and my daughter dancing all night.

Courtney: I think Gia dancing for herself for an hour, and not letting anyone else on the dance floor. And then after he said ‘Kiss the bride,’ the three of us walked down the aisle together.

What do you plan to do on your honeymoon once you have it?

Mario: One sleeps in, has a lot of drinks, eats a lot and kicks back... And a lot of... (use your imagination)

We heard there was an impromptu pool party. Which wedding guests took part in the splash fest?

Mario: Everyone jumped in the pool to celebrate with us! (To Courtney) You in your wedding dress!

Courtney: That’s right, babe. It was the best party. I’m so excited that everybody out there gets to experience what we went through that day and see me in the pool in my wedding dress!

Be sure to tune into their two-hour wedding special, Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta, on Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.