Ice bucket challenge death

New Zealand Man Dies
of a Heart Attack
After Completing the
Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge is supposed to raise money to help save lives. But it sadly played a part in the death of one New Zealand father.

Willis Tepania, 40, reportedly died of cardiac arrest in July, five hours after participating in the challenge on July 5.

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Ambulance and fire crews successfully resuscitated him and took him to Kaitaia Hospital. But it was after he was transferred to Whangarei Hospital that he died during the night on Monday, July 7.

Before he dumped the freezing cold water on his head, he consumed nearly a liter of Jim Beam bourbon, according to reports.

While the Ice Bucket Challenge is being completed to raise money and awareness, one grieving family member has warned about the risks and precautions to take when participating and nominating others.

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“If you’re going to do the ice challenge, do it for the right reasons,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“Alcohol has nothing to do with the ice challenge. Just basically think before you act, because one mistake and your life could be gone. All for what, a bottle of alcohol?”

The family of Mr. Tepania has destroyed the footage of him completing the challenge.