New Video of San
Francisco's Batkid,
Miles, Saving the Day
Will Warm Your Heart

Getty Images

Batkid -- also known as Miles, a five year old who has battled leukemia -- is definitely one of the good guys; the only thing he's guilty of is breaking our hearts with his unbelievably adorable antics and amazing crime fighting skills. 

For those who don't know, the city of San Francisco and the Make-a-Wish Foundation joined forces to transform the coastal city into Gotham City so Miles' dream of being Batman could come true. 

Stars Support Batkid In His Quest to Save Gotham City

Armed with his little brother taking in the role of Robin, fans followed Batkid's crime-fighting quest by tracking the hashtag #SFBatKid as he took down the Riddler, saved a damsel in distress and more! 

Miles earned the respect of some serious fans; Ben Affleck -- who caused an uproar when it was announced he'd wear the coveted suit -- called Miles the "best batman ever." Christian Bale, who plays the superhero in the Dark Knight trilogy also praised Miles' performance, gushing to Vulture about how "fantastic" the experience must've been. 

Watch this new video from the San Francisco Chronicle that'll convince you that Batkid deserves all the praise -- and even more!