'Barbie Is Basically a
Terrible Role Model
For Girls': New Girl
Scout Barbie Stirs Up
Controversy-- 9 Times
Barbie Proved the
Haters Wrong!

Girl Scout Cookie ordering is our favorite time of year. Seriously, it is.

I mean, who doesn't love the Girl Scouts?! They sell cookies, earn badges and empower young women to become the leaders of tomorrow. So we're totally loving the idea of the group partnering with Mattel to introduce the first ever Girl Scout Barbie!

But, it seems some people just aren't as obsessed as we are with the doll and her lifestyle.

"Barbie is basically a terrible role model for girls, and she's not about what the Girl Scouts' principles are, which have to do with leadership and courage,” Susan Linn, a psychologist and director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, told TODAY

Sorry Susan, but we have to respectfully disagree with your thoughts on our plastic pal! Just look at the most recent addition, Entrepreneur Barbie.

She's not just sitting around the pool, hanging with Ken and going shopping with Skipper--Barbie has been kicking ass and taking names as a President, Engineer and a military officer for quite some time!

Click through the gallery above to see 9 other times Babs proved the haters wrong and kept right up with the boys with her awesome, girl-power careers!

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