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WATCH : NeNe Leakes
Bashes Kenya Moore on
‘WWHL’, Reveals Fight
on Upcoming ‘Real
Housewives of Atlanta’


It’s obvious that NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore don’t like each other. But, NeNe took it a step further by bashing her costar on Watch What Happens Live.

During Sunday night’s episode, the Dancing with the Stars contestant let off some heat when asked about Kenya.

“Honestly, you can ask anybody that knows me. I personally do not like Kenya, but I am all for the good of the show. I have been here since day one,” NeNe says.

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“I think she is good for the show...because she’s drama. She doesn’t take her medication before shooting and so, I think she is great for the show.”

The 46-year-old star also talked about a fight that breaks out between Kenya and Porsha Stewart on the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show.

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“I felt like Kenya kept prying Porsha. You can’t just sit here and talk to me and then have your paper in my face the entire night like that is not cool to me,” NeNe dishes. “I felt like it is a violation and I felt like Kenya violated her over and over again.”

NeNe, of course, has a reason to hate Kenya. In a past interview with Kenya, she tells In Touch that NeNe is nothing more than a “former stripper” and would watch DWTS “if I want to go to sleep.”

Watch NeNe on ‘WWHL’ below and tune in to the three-part reunion that kicks off April 20 on Bravo.