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#Nelly1057: Nelly's
Hit Song 'Hot in
Herre' STILL on Repeat
on Bay Area Radio
Station 105.7 — Causes
Social Media Frenzy


"It's gettin hot in here"...[5 minutes later]..."It's gettin hot in here" — times this by infinity and that's how many times Univision’s “Latino Mix” 105.7 has been playing Nelly's hit song.

Ever since 3 p.m. on Friday, the San Francisco Bay Area radio station has been playing Hot in Herre and it's still playing! According to reports, the stunt is to mark the end of "Latino Mix" and the new launch of Hot 105.7.

As a result, #Nelly1057 has quickly become one of the top trending topics on Twitter and Facebook with users saying how much the song is played and how it has affected their daily music habits.

See for yourself.

"11hrs later and imnow measuring time in hotinherres. Shower time? 4 hotinherres. Travel time? 6 and a half hotinherres#Nelly1057"

— jajadevicais (@jajadev)

"I’m dying to see how this is all going to end. In the meantime, did anyone in the Bay actually take off all their clothes? #Nelly1057"

— Matthew Ontiveros ‏(@Matsby_O92)

"tuned in to #nelly1057 for a morning temperature check still in the state of getting hot, y'all. we good."

— Nam Le (@AGuyNamedNam)

"When #Nelly1057 ends .. I won't be able to listen to "HotIn Herre" for the next five years."

— Rhett Manuel (@RhettManuel)

"24 hours ago I could only remember the chorus of this, now I could spit every lyric while doing a crossword and not miss a thing #Nelly1057"

— Jeb Lund (@Mobute)

"so far literally every second of magic mike works with "hotin herre" playing over it. ihave no idea what this movie is about."

— Lana Berry (@Lana)

Hot in Herre was released Dec. 2009 and has accumulated over 22 million views on YouTube. Here's the video- just because, why not?