Chloe sevigny naked

NAKED! Chloë Sevigny
is Baring It All — But
Why? (PHOTO)

The World of Wonder

Chloë Sevigny is getting naked, but this time it's not for the cameras!

The Big Love actress stripped down to star in the new coffee table book The World According to Wonder.

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The book, which comes out Feb. 5, features a provocative image of Chloë seductively draped over her bathtub in her LA home.

In addition to breathtaking photographs like the one above, the book includes personal anecdotes from those who know the stars best.

“Chloë was able to call on her days in the New York club scene for her portrayal of Gitsie in Party Monster,” photographer Mathu Anderson said of working with the starlet. “She was AMAAAZING. So real. So subtle. It’s like she wasn’t even acting. And the way her face just floats off the screen! Sometimes you have to squint just to look at her, she’s so luminous. I’ve known Chloë for almost twenty years now, and she gets more beautiful (and more fabulous!) with each passing year.”

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Along with Chloë, The World According to Wonder also includes never-before-seen portraits of a slew of celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Tori Spelling, La Toya Jackson, Chaz Bono and Andy Cohen. The book was created by mastermind TV producers, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, who are the creators of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The World According to Wonder on February 5 wherever books are sold or right here from Amazon! Will you check it out?