Music's moneymaking


Despite the flagging music industry, these powerhouse women are still making plenty of bank! Forbes magazine has just come out with its list of 2007's highest-grossing female musicians. Who came out on top? The Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, with a whopping $72 million earned in one year. Also making the top 10 are Barbra Streisand with $60 million, Shakira with $38 million, newly pregnant Gwen Stefani with $26 million and Mariah Carey at the No. 10 slot with $13 million. Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne and Martina McBride earned $12 million apiece while beleaguered pop princess Britney Spears still made $8 million. Fergie, Jennifer Lopez and Sheryl Crow each made $6 million and Norah Jones rounded out the list with "only" $5.5 million. Bravo, ladies!