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Move Over Kris Jenner:
Selena Admits She’s
Crushing On Drake!

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Watch out Kris Jenner, looks like someone else has an eye on Drake!

A day after In Touch reported that Kris had her eye on Drake to be daughter Khloé’s next suitor, Selena Gomez confessed that was crushing on the 26-year-old rapper.

Kris Jenner Is Trying to Set Up Khloé With Drake

Selena was on The TJ Show on Boston’s 103 AMP Radio, where she revealed he was the object of her affection—and that she even has pet names for him!

“I’m like, ‘Aww, [Drake] dd that for me’ when it’s like, he did it on my Twitter,” she said. “I’m like, ‘My baby did that for me!’”

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While the radio host said that Selena and Drake would make a good match, she disagreed.

“No, I mean this is the nicest way,” she laughed. “I just don’t have a big enough butt for Drake.”

Of course—big butts have never been a problem for the Kardashian ladies!

On today’s The Gossip Table, the hosts discussed Kris’s plan to set up her daughter with the rapper—In Touch’s own contributing news editor Noah Levy is pulling for Khloé; he’d like to see Khloé settle down with a nice Jewish boy!

Who do you want to see Drake with? One thing’s for sure—we won’t tell Amanda Bynes if you don’t!

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