Morgan freeman

Morgan Freeman Covers
Viral Hit Video “The
Fox (What Does The Fox
Say?)” By Ylvis

Getty Images

Okay, so we all agree that Morgan Freeman can literally say anything and—just because it’s in his magnificent, heavenly voice—we’d enjoy it. Even if it’s a ridiculous viral hit.

While promoting his upcoming film Last Vegas with costars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline with the website Screen Junkies, the host asked Morgan, 76, to read the lyrics to Ylvis’ viral hit “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?).”

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In case you missed it, or have somehow been living under a rock, the hit dance song from the Norwegian brothers who double as a comedy duo has been climbing the charts—not only on YouTube, but also the Billboard Hot 100.

The video, which featured the comedy duo is almost as funny and ridiculous as the lyrics (“Dog goes woof/Cat goes meow/Bird goes tweet… What does the fox say”). And somehow, these lyrics get even better when Morgan Freeman is saying them—naturally.