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Miley Explains Her
Tongue, VMA
Performance in New
Saturday Night Live


It’s a question that has the whole world scratching their heads: Why is Miley Cyrustongue outside her mouth?

And in the new preview for Saturday Night Live—which she’ll be hosting and performing on this Saturday—Miley is finally giving her answer.

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Taran Killam, one of SNL’s stars, asked, “Miley, do you mind me asking why you’re always sticking out your tongue?”

“It’s how I smell,” she joked and then proceeded to stick out her tongue and “smell” Taran—before asking if he was wearing women’s deodorant!

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Well—we guess that straightens that out… sort of.

Miley also poked fun at her now-infamous VMA performance; after Taran asks Miley, “how could she?!” she brings up some other common critiques that Miley has since received.

“And what was I wearing,” she asked. “And don’t forget about the children!”

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It’s nice to see Miley can still poke fun at herself!

Will you tune in this weekend to see Miley host and perform on Saturday Night Live? Airing Saturday, Oct. 8 at 11:30 PM on NBC.

Watch all of her promos below!