Miley cyrus grandma

Miley Cyrus Gets
Inked; Reveals New
Tattoo of Her Grandma

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Who is the newest “mystery” woman in Miley Cyruslife? Well it’s not really a person at all, nor is it a mystery!

Earlier today, Miley debuted her latest tattoo on Twitter and Instagram; the fresh ink is a portrait of a woman, which Miley captioned, “because I am her favorite & she is mine.”

So who is the “she” that Miley got on her body forever? Her grandma!

That’s right, it’s Loretta Finley—Miley maternal grandma, who is better known as Mammie—that Miley got inked on body!

The tattoo was done by the super talented Kat Von D, who said she “love, love, loved” inking the mini-portrait on the 20-year-old singer.

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Of course, Miley is no stranger to tattoos; she has at least 20 tattoos, including her most recent “Rolling $tone” that she got inked on her feet to commemorate her cover

Although we must say, this is Miley’s most touching tattoo yet! What do you think?